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Thursday, May 14, 2015

One Year (2/3) of Nursing School Complete

Finally, I am done and successful with the first year of nursing school so 2/3 done before becoming an R.N.! It's kind of crazy to think that a year ago I was giddy for being accepted into nursing school and here I am a year later on the other side even more thrilled for what's ahead.

It's hard to even put into words this past year. I went in wanting to "help people", the common nursing student response which is completely valid and essential to being a good nurse but little did I know there is just so much more than that. Nursing is advocating for the vulnerable, attending to the patient and family's emotional, physical and physical needs and simply being available and listening when it is most needed.

You don't know how bad you want something until you have to defend it and fight for it. When everyone said nursing school was "hard" I assumed they meant intellectually hard. I thought alright I can handle that. What I was not expecting was it being all encompassing, tugged in 14 directions, physically/mentally/emotionally exhausting.

There were times I wanted to scrape by because quite frankly I was worn out. There were times I simply looked at this phase (nursing school) as a means to an end. However, at the end of the day I was reminded that I am going through this for the people I will care for one day. That simple reminder was a good kick in the butt.

All that to say I have never been more satisfied with what I'm doing. I have a peace and sense of contentment that has never been felt. It took a little while to get here but the journey allowed for life experiences that will ultimately help in being a nurse. I feel privileged with such an opportunity as this!