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Monday, September 8, 2014

Nursing School: Week 2 and Life Lately

Two weeks of nursing school in and I enjoy it.  Can someone check my pulse, blood pressure and maybe respiration's? I thought I was supposed to be so stressed, fighting to breathe and wanting to kick myself during this... Maybe that's to come? For now though... I like the application of so many topics converging into one topic. Using communication, psychology and taking someones vitals all simultaneously? I call that perfection.

Last week we learned a lot about the Nursing Process which includes; Assessment, Diagnosis, Plan, Implementation or Intervention and Evaluation. This really is the foundation to practicing as a nurse. It's what a nurse does every time they see a patient. There is so much that goes into it but after experience it becomes second nature. A major component of the Nursing Process is critical thinking, which is why critical thinking is stressed so much in nursing. In this process it is not a linear approach to thinking but rather an all encompassing way of analyzing information regarding the patient.

I've also been busy in my Nutrition and the Role of the Nurse class and even though I've already taken Human Nutrition I am still learning a lot of valuable information. This class is taking more of a public health or health promotion approach as to educate us future nurses on how to educate and advocate for patients. We discuss topics that affect society as a whole such as the gap in healthy eating patterns between the low and high income.

A major factor affecting this is the misconception that eating healthier costs too much. We were asked to watch the video below which shows that making high quality meat sandwiches from home versus Chick-fil-a, McDonalds or Wendy's is actually cheaper. Since meat is the most expensive food group, compared to others such as fruits and vegetables we can be sure overall eating healthier at home is cheaper than fast food. Here is the video:

I've even managed to enjoy the perfect fall weather during nursing school. The leaves are slowly turning beautiful shades of oranges and reds. I found one pretty leaf in the grass last week that got me super excited for my first Minnesota fall in seven years!

It was nice to get together with a bestie this weekend for Happy Hour at Granite City. It was so needed and perfect to just sit and talk about life with her!

We went to the Minnesota state fair last weekend along with 252,092 other people, breaking the daily attendance record of all time!!

On the Sky Ride.

As to enjoy the beautiful fall weather, we took two walks around the Town Green this weekend!