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Friday, September 26, 2014

5 weeks of Nursing School Completed!

I'd be lying if I said this wasn't my fifth try at this blog so let's see if:

A) guilt that I should be studying sets in
B) guilt that I should be cleaning my house cause it's a disorganized mess sets in
C) the sweet potatoes fries in the oven need to be taken out
D) I get distracted by the puppy

All very plausible distractors but I'm going to try to speed along so they don't stop me this time. I just realized I did a multiple choice format in my blog. Sigh... Welcome to Nursing school.

So it has not been as bad as I'd anticipated. It's been totally different than what I envisioned. I thought it'd be a ton of memorization and just more intense than the pre-reqs but so far it's been the exact opposite. Our nursing instructors discourage and stress us to not memorize! It's like music to my ears. Conceptualizing is so much easier and practical in my opinion. I understand that you should know the concepts in all the pre-reqs too but quite frankly they stressed more on the memorization. Hence I've had to come up with various methods in tackling all of the information by not memorizing.

I thought I'd be stressed and running around in shear chaos but it hasn't been too bad. Granted I did buy a page size (8.5 x 11 in.) planner with 15 min. increments and that is about perfect for our schedule so that helps. I also let the laundry kind of hang out wherever and I'm about as last minute on non essential items as possible. For example I had some volunteer forms due today by day's end and I've known this for a few weeks and just today  at lunch time I got them to her. But they made it and I've learned to let things that aren't urgent wait. I think that's the only key through getting through this.

Aside from trying not to stress, maintaining my four workouts per week schedule and going on walks whenever possible has been a key player also! I'll be honest in saying it's hard for me to go workout knowing I always have assignments, readings, projects, papers I could be doing but after about 10 minutes on that treadmill I feel myself loosening up and letting go of so much of that unconscious tension. I'm happier, more alert and more focused after just one hour at the gym!

As for the learning front; we've been covering a wide array of topics ranging from; Geriatric health, GI System, Immunizations, Parenteral medications and medication administration to  being in the role of educator as a nurse. Since this semester is focused on Health Promotion we are always learning something new and it keeps it interesting. 

Meanwhile it's been perfect weather here and I think after this weekend that's the last of it for a while up here so I've been outside enjoying as much as possible! I've been taking Axel on a walk around the lake and going crazy over all the colorful leaves!

It was also Andrew and I's birthday these past few weeks so we celebrated those by going to a local Italian restaurant we've wanted to try since moving here, Biaggi's with my parents! It was a great Birthday dinner followed by gelato from Whole Foods. His parents also sent the most delightful Harry and David truffles that we allow ourselves to each have one of per night. This chocolate is seriously some of the best!

Well I better get to studying for our first Nutrition and the Role of the Nurse Exam that is on Monday! This weekend (besides studying) includes a Red Robin date with my other half, my cousins wedding nearby and breakfast with my parents Sunday since they will be in town too while simutaneously enjoying this beautiful weather!

Have a great weekend!!!