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Monday, April 7, 2014

Snow Showers... Bring Spring and Sunshine

This weekend was a keeper despite the snow Friday that melted quickly. By the looks of Facebook and blogs everyone else really enjoyed it  too especially yesterday as it was 61 degrees here in Minneapolis! We tried new restaurants, enjoyed the beautiful weather, hung out with friends all weekend and met new friends!

After work a few chores, a walk, a workout and homemade dinner Friday I met a friend for drinks. We chose a place within walking distance of our apartment called The News Room. I ordered a pretty and only okay tasting margarita.

My friend ordered the raspberry mojito and it was okay but a little sweet. They were each $13.95 for a normal sized glass and mediocre beverages so we probably won't be going back. However we talked, laughed, laughed more and had a great time!

After 2 hours and one drink we made our way across the street back over to Barrio, since I knew it was a safe bet. I ordered another margarita, she a mojito and we talked for two more hours about everything and nothing. Girls nights are so refreshing! And fun. A lot of fun!

Saturday morning we lounged around before getting ready to go drive around some areas we are considering for a condo in the next 6 months. In the afternoon I did a treadmill workout as I'm going to get back into running for cardio while still doing my strength training as usual. I chose a 35 minute interval workout I found via Iowa Girl Eats. I adapted as needed since I'm not an avid runner anymore, it left me sweaty and slightly sore the next day. I think I'll add it in to my workouts for every Saturday.

For dinner we had plans to meet up with two other couple friends for dinner. We went to a highly reviewed place, Sapor Cafe and Bar. For a drink I ordered the pomegranate blossom which was as good as it looks.

 I ordered the Beetza, which is flatbread with a honey citronette dressing, sliced beets and arugula atop. I was hesitant as I have never had beets... but it was delicious and so original!

Overall the experience was great and the drinks and food were to die for so we will definitely be back. Plus we had a great time with old friends and even made some new ones!

Sunday we went to a new church with friends with breakfast to follow. They took us to Key's Cafe and Bakery, which there are nine of throughout the metro area but the one we went to was in Forest Lake. I ordered the No. 3 with french toast and scrambled eggs. The french toast was precisely soft on the inside and slightly crispy on the outside with powdered sugar.

We were all itching to enjoy the day as it was in the 50's with a high of 61 on the radar. I took Axel for a walk and was sweating by the end, normally I'd be annoyed but in Minnesota that is a good thing!

61 with a high of 57, I'd say that's the sign of a good Sunday!

Today is the last day before I start my orientation for the new job, I'm so excited to finally be back to work after a few weeks! It's been busy with setting up our new place, job interviews and odds and ends for that but also a lot of eating, drinking, socializing and having a good time. All of that is fun but routine is nice too!

Have a good week!