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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Winter is Here Wednesday

It feels a bit like winter today eh?! Even here in the desert I was shivering while walking outside... Okay it was a high of 59 degrees farhenheit today... which made me a. realize how ridiculous I have gotten with "cold" considering I'm from the coldest state ever (Minnesota) and b. SUPER excited for Seattle in 15 days... which consequently led me to c. that I can not contain myself for school to be done in 8 days. Meanwhile I'll be hustlin'.

I set up some Christmas decor last night and even decorated Axel. Or should I say he chose to decorate himself by stuffing the ornament in his mouth and tousling it around the house...

It just so happened that I made a green and red dish last night too, Carols arroz con pollo. Hubby requested and I happily obliged. If you want an easy dish, that takes 30 minutes (20 of which is simmering on stove top)-try this!

I'm livin' on the wild side these days... whipped cream on my cocoa fage yogurt with fresh raspberries.  It added a nice little pep to my Tuesday night. It'll work for Wednesday too.

Some of the things helping me through finals...

Garden Veggie Straws. 9am. 11pm. In the car. In the textbook. Go to Costco now.

Not because Axel is supportive of my studying... as he literally jumped on the couch today while I was studying calmly and started eating my notebook, jumped in the middle of my textbook and started chomping away and then went for my pen. He was not having it- he wanted to PLAY. I was however laughing so hard I was crying- basically until I almost stopped breathing... making me laugh during finals studying.. that's a notable task :)

He then passed out and kept me company and warm.

Have a good Wintery Wednesday wherever you are! You can hit me if you want cause I haven't been in snow for a bit... Enjoy some for me!!!