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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

I was about to title this something Wednesday... good thing I realized it's Tuesday. Welcome to Finals week, friends... I barely know my last name. I can however tell you why we get a fever or inflammation? Finance formulas? Anything about Chemistry though was regurgitated for it's final time yesterday... none of that.

On a happier note, I made a new to us enchilada recipe. It was with beef since the man wanted beef and we got the Costco style beef pack so it lasts us like 6 meals... It was decent but I prefer chicken enchiladas.

After dinner latley I've been drinking tea cause I've felt like I'm on the verge of cold... which can not happen during finals. The hot tea kills all the bad guys in my throat so that's the plan for the next few weeks.

Amidst all my studying I found an interesting tidbit on sweat in my Microbiology book...

Another reason to sweat, it kills the bad germs!

Best news for last,

Christmas is in 14 days and 8 hours!!


  1. Sweat kills germs! Love that little tidbit.

    And I prefer chicken enchiladas to beef as well. :)


    1. So much more flavor to them.. but then again chicken is usually better for most foods in my opinion :)

  2. I'm with you, I definitely prefer chicken over beef when it comes to enchiladas, but my husband would be the same as your husband, haha! What is it with boys and red meat? ;)