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Saturday, December 7, 2013

So Close Saturday

So close to school being done. 5 days and now it's pretty much counting the hours... More importantly Christmas is soon after that! Things tend to get sloppy as finals get closer. Actually this whole semester (coupled with working a few days a week) we've been squeaking by in the house cleaning department, been eating take out at least once a week usually two and sometimes three.

Going into this busy season I knew I would have to let some stuff go because these 14 credits are crucial to getting into nursing school. It's really taught me to pick what's important and let the rest wait until things slowed down. These past few days have followed suit with that.

While babysitting for the girls I used to watch every school day last year, we made homemade pizza. I was contemplating having a slice and so glad I did because it was probably the best I've had in... maybe ever!

We also watched some of the Live Sound of Music (okay to us it was dvr-ed but it was live when they filmed it that evening earlier) with Carrie Underwood in it. That girl has an angels voice. Plus musicals are so happy and the Sound of Music, no more needs to be said!

Last week we finally put up some Christmas decorations (I was just happy to find time between finals and everything else- but Andrew and I said they both add a nice touch and really puts us in the Christmas spirit more.)

Lastnight after the gym as per usual lately as I've not had a dinner plan in a while, we went to the grocery store and after looking around decided on... Chicken Parmesan for the second or third time in two weeks. Heyyy the hubby suggested it. It's one of our favorites though and I have to share it soon (maybe after I get a new digital camera cause my is on it's last leg- hint hint Santa).

Today at Axels puppy training at PetSmart they were doing pet pictures with Santa and someone brought their pet in... a pet pig!!

After working so hard at puppy training we were hungry monsters (I'm serious we get cranky when we're hungry- we've learned lunch is vital for us haha). We were dry out of lunch meat so Andrew decided we were getting asian at this little place we've never been too, China Jade. Those little asian places are so darn good. I don't know how they do it, every time. I actually ordered the sweet and sour chicken that you'll see below and Andrew the Kung Pao but we ended up liking each others better- so he ate mine and I ate his. Soul. Mates.

Time to finish this cup of coffee and study for Chemistry and Microbiology. I just keep reminding myself I do not want to be that nurse that put coffee and milk in a patients IV and killed them. So I will gladly study my heart out!

Have a good weekend!


  1. Aww I love your Christmassy lights! Hooray for the Christmas spirit. :) And Carrie Underwood is definitely an amazing singer!

    1. We tried this year but had to put it up high for the puppy ;)