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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in Retrospect

As for a resolution, a year ago I vowed to follow a lifting plan for the year. It's been rocky and I've almost thrown in the towel more than a few times. I did weather through it though. I kept my promise and resolution and albeit missing a few weeks I did follow a plan.

Conclusively; I'm hooked and thankful I stuck with it. It took a good six months for me to realize it was changing my body. Both visibly and internally. I don't weigh myself but my clothes started fitting differently in beneficial ways. My thinking started shifting too. As someone who forgets to eat and when stressed restricts, lifting made me hungry a lot and I had to eat each and every meal. I gained confidence from pushing my body to new limits. 

2013 in Review

We rang in the New Year in Seattle.

A few weeks later my cousin/friend, Chelsey came to visit. We hiked, went to a Phoenix Sun's game and did some other touristy things that are always fun. 


On Valentine's day Andrew and I celebrated three years from our first day at P.F. Chang's the same place of our first date. This also was our first Valentine's day as a married couple. He gifted me along with other gifts, one of my favorite things; O-Cel-O sponges. 

A few days later we jetted off to New Orleans, LA (NOLA) for our One-year wedding anniversary. We had a few days to explore NOLA and stayed right in the French Corridor with plans to board a cruise traveling along the Mexican coast from there a few days later. 

However, we never actually boarded the ship. No we didn't miss it. Yes we did not bring our passports and yes we were kind of happy because we flew up to Minnesota and had a lovely white first anniversary.

We even managed to go to a dance-party, bar on the lake called Frozen Fore. Yes, not near but ON the lake. Frozen lake of course and a hoot nonetheless. 


My mama flew down to stay in Scottsdale by us for a few weeks. She always brightens up my world. 

We road-tripped to Sedona for the second time; hiked around a bit and had a good lunch.

We went to the Ostrich Festival again this year. It was my first time trying an Ostrich burger and won't be the last.

I also surprised my mom with Horseback riding. It was through water even which was a first. I told my mom that it was one of the greatest moments of my life and I stand true to that. 


We celebrated Easter eating a nice morning breakfast with family.


I think this is my favorite month tied with this month and February and March... okay what I'm trying to say is this is the month Andrew brought Axel home to me! I'll say it until I die he was by far the best bought gift I've ever received and he has brought SO much joy into our little home.

I love his persistence even when it means he steps on my face when I'm trying to read, just cause he wants to play. I love that he gets really sad and then gives us kisses when he does something naughty. I love that I can be having the worlds crummiest day and walk in to a happy puppy face and a toy in his mouth ready to play.

This is the first moment I met him.

Here are some others throughout the year.

We also made our way to New York for Andrew's best friends West Point Graduation and made our way to New York City.

The same trip we accidentally booked ourselves a room in a castle bed and breakfast.


We headed back to Seattle, for my first time in the summer.


We celebrated Fourth of July with friends in Seattle.

Later in the month we drove two hours north to Payson, Arizona for a cooler weather day-trip.


Axel graduated puppy training.


My Birthday.

Andrew's Birthday including the traditional homemade German Chocolate cake I make him.

Family came at the end of the month.


We were able to finally go outside and enjoy the weather by taking walks with Axel.


I made us our Second home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner.


I finished the final semester of pre-requisites for nursing school!

Shortly thereafter we found ourselves back in Seattle with snow covered ground and Christmas with family!

With a trip to Portland, Oregon.

The year will be rounded out with delicious food (homemade Persian), some bubbly and some of my favorite people. I'm thankful for another blessed year full of growth and learning. Here's to the best year yet (I'm confident it will be)-2014!


  1. Aww what an incredible year 2013 was for you guys! So many adventures and so much fun! I just love it! :)

  2. You've had an exciting year!! Here's to a great one to come in 2014!